Obama is Childish, Puny & Punitive… and a PUTZ!!!

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Well, if this doesn’t twist a knot in your shorts, nothing will! For the last couple of days I have been on a rampage over the punitive measures Obama has been implementing over the so-called shutdown. When I heard Obama shut down the World War II Memorial again, that really got me fired up! I emailed my Senator, John McCain and let him have it with both barrels… even though I felt bad about that a few minutes later. You see, I tried to do the same thing with “Dingy Harry”, Reid and when I scrolled down to leave a message, his site told me they were closed, due to the Government Shutdown! What a lying Bastard; he works for the same Government, John McCain does!

Then I did some more checking, on what Obama is doing to us different than when we had the Shutdown with Clinton. Back then, NONE of the Open-Air Museums were closed! So these are all punitive measures that Obama is selectively doing to annoy the public and try to blame it on the Republicans. Nice try Asshole… but we are onto you! They even tried to barricade George Washingtons, Mt Vernon Home… except they were cut off at the knees by “The Ladies of Liberty Society”, who owns it outright, with no government support. It would have done my heart good, to see those little, White Haired, Old Ladies with their Muskets drawn… ordering Obama’s goons, off of their property!

See… we do win some of them! We just can’t let them get us down!

By Wyatt Goodwin

2 thoughts on “Obama is Childish, Puny & Punitive… and a PUTZ!!!

  1. Thanks for your continued posts. I cannot stand this guy or any of his minions. I only hope we survive the next three years of his dictatorship.

    1. Obama’s arrogance grows by the day, God has ways of dealing with people like this! It will eventually be his undoing… I look forward to that day. “HOPE”, is a wonderful thing!!!

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